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Raw opens with a pointed jab at her ex, "Why" (as in "Why'd you have to ruin my life," its refrain).

In songs she co-wrote with two members of her band, keyboard legend Spooner Oldham and guitarist Kelvin Holly, Young works her way through feelings of hurt ("Gave My Best to You," "Too Little Too Late," "Lonely"), acceptance ("You Won't Take My Laugh Away from Me") and, finally, exhaustion with her own turmoil ("Up to Here").

The film is based on the 2013 best-selling autobiography “The Man with the Golden Ears,” which chronicles Davis' historic influence on the music industry.

Jane Rosenthal, co-founder and Executive Chair of the Tribeca Film Festival said, “We are excited to have this powerful film premiere on our opening night 'Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives' is a fascinating exploration of his remarkable story and the impact that a great producer can have on artists and music.” At the age of 35, Davis became president of Columbia Records, playing an important role in the careers of Whitney Houston, Bob Dylan, Alicia Keys, Chicago, Grateful Dead, Simon & Garfunkel, Aerosmith, Jennifer Hudson, Santana and Bruce Springsteen to name a few.

"Seeing him and holding him – oh, my gosh," Young says of her grandson. It was just amazing." See Metallica Perform With Neil Young, Cover the Clash at Bridge School Heavy metal act bust out acoustic guitars, play "Mr.

Soul," "Clampdown" and reconfigured Metallica cuts at annual benefit concert Young's recent life hasn't always been so joyful.

That means you get more "pieces" of the song per second, which leads to a slightly better, richer overall sound with deeper bass.

It's a subtle improvement, and it's only really noticeable while using a good pair of headphones or speakers, but it's there, and there's little reason to keep it off if you're paying for Spotify Premium.

Despite the universal “blueprint that says boy meets girl”, former music journo Martin Fry is struggling in his quest to find love’s “real Mc Coy”, and contends, in his angsty croon, that tears are not enough to prove that a girl’s emotions are genuine.Two years ago, word leaked out that her husband Neil was filing for divorce after 36 years of marriage. "But I never would've thought in a million years we would be getting divorced.So, yeah, there was a bit of a shock value there."Like many before her, Young decided to turn her range of feelings into songs.It usually sounds fine, and lets you enjoy the song with decent sound.When you turn on the "high quality streaming" option, the stream opens up to 320 kbps.