Updating a split level

It doesn’t have to be that way, though, because there are several ways to update the exterior look of a split-level home.

When viewing a split-level exterior, look for opportunities to add windows, extend or add a porch, and incorporate the design elements on all sides of the home.

Wright’s conception of the home hinged on the idea that houses should naturally blend with their landscapes, and homes with half floors would accomplish this vision.Windows allow light to enter the home, which always increases the value of a property, and adding windows to the exterior home design breaks up the long expanse of paint or siding common in split-level home designs.Choose windows in the same style and size that are already installed or replace all of the windows during the remodeling process.Before we discuss the process of renovating a split-level house, let’s discuss what a split-level house actually entails.A split-level house is an architectural approach to building homes that was popularized by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.