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On my profile, I wrote, ' Please do not message me if you are Islamophobic, racist, sexist, anti-Semitic or homophobic,'" she told "islamophobic?

yeah SURE I embrace a 'religion' that has a child molester for its leader and I TOTALLY agree with whipping and honor killings.

She was shiny with sweat and shattered after a 35-hour labour. Childbirth is magic: in a life-making and life-changing instant a woman becomes a mother, a man becomes a father and a couple become a family.

Later, she would tell me that she found the strength for one more push by telling herself: “I want my husband to see his baby. I remember the night we brought you home from the hospital.

The sun was shining, and she decided to spend an hour basking in its rays and catch a later train – the train on which we met.Regardless of whether you're "visibly Muslim" thanks to a headscarf, the experience can be a crapshoot, particularly with attitudes toward Muslims being what they are today."I don't get a lot of Islamophobia unless I tell people that I'm Muslim, since I'm white and don't wear hijab.You, our perfect black-haired little baby girl, were even more of a miracle than most babies because you only exist because of great luck and fortune and because the sun was shining one afternoon, three summers before you were born. It was early June 2008, the last Sunday of the Hay Festival, and I was returning home to London.I boarded the train, found an empty seat and it was only when I sat down that I noticed a beautiful woman sitting opposite me.