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As there is a charge to document each item the owner may decide how many she/he wants to have recorded.

The charge, averaging .00/item, covers the costs of the documentation.

Documentation Days may be scheduled in any community in Oregon.

They should be organized by a team of local volunteers with an interest in quilts and recording their histories.

The patterns are depicted in small black-and-white drawings, so that several can fit on a page, and they are shaded to show how they are traditionally pieced using lights and darks, if applicable.

Brackman lists each pattern and the name(s) by which it is known, along with the earliest known source mentioning the pattern by name.

Each design is numbered and illustrated in a line drawing and keyed to name and citation for first-known published source.

While pieced patterns and those with minor applique are identified, appliqueed patterns with a little piecing are not. I have wanted this book ever since i heard of its existance, because i can't even count how many times i've found myself in the position of trying to describe a quilt pattern that I *know* has a recognizable name that i just can't remember, or wanting to look up patterns by name for one reason or another (for example: "Hrm, i wonder if there are any quilt patterns with Tennessee in the name, something like a Tennessee Star...?

First of all, even today, Miller is one of the most common names found in the Pennsylvania counties with large Germanic populations.Karen will share the stories of quilts from her collection using a power point presentation and invites members of the guild to bring their quilts and share the stories.The importance of documenting the stories of quilts will be discussed.The local group should have some training and use the OQP forms to insure consistency and thoroughness.A documentation consists of two parts: a history of the quilt and its maker, and a physical examination of the quilt.