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It revolves around two of the show’s stars Trevor Tordjman (James) and Brittany Raymond (Riley) who not only dance together within the Next Step troupe but also play boyfriend and girlfriend and are dating in the show.

Brittany Raymond also spoke about her relationship in the show: “The thing is, dancers can only have a career until they’re about thirty, because when you hit a certain age your bodies can’t handle the stuff that you do anymore as much.

The Next Step is a Canadian teen drama series created by Frank van Keeken and produced by Temple Street Productions.

Shot in a dramatic mockumentary style, the series focuses on a group of dancers who attend The Next Step Dance Studio.

Kate talks to Michelle in her office and tells her she would be happy to audition. Giselle is later removed from the E-girls for not being in A-Troupe, as the rules are that all E-girls must be in A-Troupe.

Emily promises to get Giselle back in A-troupe, and kick Michelle out. Stephanie tells Michelle before their first dance rehearsal is in Studio B but, Giselle, who is on her way to B-Troupe tells her that A-Troupe is always in Studio A.

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