Manager of pid file quit without updating file Hotchatdirect flirt com

The following is from localhost./usr/local/mysql5/libexec/mysqld: Table 'plugin' is read only [ERROR]: Can't open the mysql.plugin table.

Inform us if you still get same error after removing pid file.

Not sure why, which frightens me, but I'm working from a cruise boat with a poor connection and the important thing was to fix it.

Trying to restart: A quick trip to Google took me on to a couple of articles - which described different problems, or OS Specific things.

Getting these bad boy errors on your mysql on OSX, there seems to be lots of solutions about how to fix this, Google hell, this more than likely happens if mysql is running and the OS is updated like from OSX Mountain Lion to Mavericks.

So possible solutions are, first up try a straight restart: Not too sure about recreating the file, i tried this and it just removed itself!

Inno DB: The error means mysqld does not have the access rights to Inno DB: the directory.Inno DB: File name ./ibdata1 Inno DB: File operation call: 'open'.If SElinux is the problem, then you should monitor and make it work (check: My SQL 5.6 and SELinux are arguing) You can also disable it permanently at /etc/sysconfig/selinux changing enforcing to either permissive or disabled.- (2005-11-07) [334] Symbolic links and hard links - (2005-06-02) [192] Current My SQL and PHP paths and upgrades - (2005-01-28)A164 - Web Application Deployment - Services and Regular Jobs [3792] Managing daemons from a terminal session - (2012-07-01) [3791] The Kernel, Shells and Daemons.Description: severals day ago, Cent OS is power off unexpectedly.